Waiting staff

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Waiting staff

We're looking for Waiting Staff. Bleyenberg is on a journey of becoming THÉ hotspot in The Hague for work, inspiration & FUN, and we need your help to get there. 

Fulltime - Parttime

A day in the life of Waiting Staff

You start your day with a cup of coffee because Bleyenberg has the best coffee in The Hague! You prepare the floor and yourself for a busy evening. There is a DJ playing, and you can already feel that this will be a great evening. During your shift, you make the guests happy by bringing them splendid drinks and delicious food. Most people order with our QR system so you have time for a chat. You like telling the guests more about Bleyenberg & Blêr - our private karaoke booths in the basement. The group that just had an event on the second floor comes to you for a drink, and you can still hear them talking about their inspiring meeting. It's almost closing time. You proactively start to clean up and check what's happening tomorrow because there is always something happening at Bley.. After your shift, you can enjoy a nice drink on the roof with colleagues and have a chat with the setting sun in the background. 

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Key elements of the job

  • Welcome and say goodbye to guests

  • The neat and correct serving of drinks and food
  • Know and be able to explain the food menu
  • Correct and clear communication with colleagues
  • Create and maintain a good atmosphere
  • Being flexible within Bleyenberg
  • Be sharp on points for improvement and report them to floor management
  • Work hard, and have fun doing it

About you

  • At least one year waiting staff experience
  • Be available at least one day on the weekends
  • You bring fun to the workplace
  • You are motivated and have a sense of responsibility
  • You are social and service-oriented
  • You have a positive attitude and are willing to learn 

Perks & benefits 

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And maybe, finally, make your parents proud!

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