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Head Chef

We're looking for a Head Chef. Bleyenberg is on a journey of becoming THÉ hotspot in The Hague for work, inspiration & FUN, and we need your help to get there. 


A day in the life of a Head Chef

You start your day by checking in with the chefs. How's the mood in the kitchen today? Together you go through the Mise en place lists and check the group reservations of the day. Then the MEP moment begins. Everyone is working independently. You only give the kitchen assistants a nudge in the right direction. The evening starts, and dinner is going smoothly. After dinner, fresh food is ordered for tomorrow. Each station orders individually, and you check this on a random basis. After this, you leave the kitchen, check your emails, and end your day with a satisfying feeling. But wait, you suddenly get a great idea for a cool dish for the new menu you are developing - a unique twist on a classic. You do the calculations immediately, it turns out this will be a winner. The next day you present it to a few colleagues, and everyone is enthusiastic about the direction of the new menu. You plan an afternoon meeting to explain your vision of the new menu to the hospitality managers & inform the floor staff. You're excited about new things coming along. 

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Key elements of the job

  • Create a kitchen vision that is in line with Bleyenberg's vision
  • Work in the kitchen and organize all related activities
  • Monitor the culinary level of the two kitchens
  • Handle questions, complaints, problems, etc. from guests
  • Optimize menus and working methods
  • Supervise compliance with health and safety, HACCP and corporate identity
  • Keep up with developments and trends in the market
  • Make calculations for menus and price agreements with suppliers
  • Collaborate with other departments
  • Personnel and sous chef management and ensuring education, training and introduction of employees
  • Draw up work schedules and arrange sufficient staffing
  • Make optimum use of kitchen appliances

About you

  • You have at least 2 years of experience as a Head Chef
  • You have extensive knowledge of cooking techniques
  • You have knowledge of purchasing products and ingredients
  • You have experience in composing menus
  • You have extensive team management experience
  • You have the capability of managing multiple kitchens 
  • You enjoy your work and you’re as ambitious as us!

Perks & benefits 

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And maybe, finally, make your parents proud!

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